Expanding Wood Imports in Europe

With wood2M Mercer and Mondi are bundling their purchase and transportation activities of industrial wood (pulpwood and sawmill chips).


By combining the high competence of the two Groups, wood2M optimizes the wood flows from the import countries, covers the increasing wood demand for the mills and creates new logistic solutions. Besides that, the existing partnership with the wood suppliers will be strengthened. 


wood2M - primary business:

  • Joint import procurement and logistics for Mercer and Mondi mills (acting as an Agent).
  • Coordination of imports
  • Development of new logistic solutions (e.g. "Innovative-Rail-Technology", lower cycle-times, new technical concepts for trucks, etc.)

High Performance and Modern Logistics

Together with our logistic partners, wood2M works on future solutions, in order to provide a high performance and modern logistics service.